Predict and Prepare for Employee Turnover
CXO Insights for timely action, leveraging your superpower -- your managers

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Dear HR, Yuga is the platform you've been waiting for

Early Warning Analytics

Always on, Out-of-the-Box Analytics to project and prepare for employee turnover -- for HR, CXOs, Department heads and Managers

Dedicated Manager Pulse Survey

Weighted questions around each employee's attrition risk, impact, succession, productivity, engagement and talent assessment; Slack app

Integration with HRMS + SSO

With your favorite HCM/HRIS you currently use and single-sign-on


"This is brilliant! We've always only used quarterly manual processes and 1:1s for Manager insights. I'd love to see Yuga!"


"We use a tool developed by our IT that we want to get rid of! And HCM integration is so welcome! When will you be ready?"

- HR Country Head

"This is excellent -- all CXOs always have way less data and insights to make plans. Yuga's analytics will help perfectly"

- Chief Product Officer (1500 emp)

"Now I have a scientific tool to put the Manager in the driving seat -- and hold him/her accountable for retention."

- CHRO Consultant

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Insights at every level:
Company, Department & Manager
Learn before they bother

- Current projected risk

- Compare projections with actual

- Manager eNPS

- Teams of concern

- Top quitting reasons

- Hiring needs

- Budgeting needs

- Many more insights!


No more

  • Manual manager surveys/1:1s

  • Manual reports

  • Half-baked tools developed by internal shadow IT

  • Dependence on clunky survey tools, shared docs


Instead, simply

  • Review ever-ready reports with Business Leaders each month

  • Focus on retention solutions

What else is coming?

Our platform's goal is to help you with all aspects of employee retention, so watch out for:

  • Employee Pulse Survey and eNPS

  • ML-based turnover predictions

  • Individual Career Pathing


You tell us what'll make Yuga useful for you!

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Engage before it is too late!
An Employee Resignation is the last step -- the first step is "emotional resignation", when they decide to leave

Identify your high-risk employees -- keep managers one step ahead!


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