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Dear Investor

Brilliant opportunity right here.


We believe the Future of Work is going to be so individual-centric that our B2B SaaS runs on a B2C core. Intrigued?

We're raising pre-seed funding for YugaHQ Inc. and looking for investors driven by the mission of fixing careers.





  • to solve the "rat race" by empowering people to have intentional careers

  • working too much is the #2 regret people have late in life


  • offer a Career platform, that'll serve as a lifelong companion for the individual to tame their careers and live intentional lives


  • our first milestone is to help companies offer long-term careers by retaining employees better

  • Yuga's unique product design ensures all B2B users are future B2C users


  • in the post-pandemic world, the employee has leverage (and renewed perspective of priorities), as demonstrated by the "Great Resignation"

  • companies need to acknowledge employee agency and work with it

  • they need new tools, since all their company-centric tools for OKR/HR were designed pre-pandemic


  • Massive, even just for the B2B use-case

  • initial focus is growth-stage tech companies in the US, initially

  • Competition is existing Employee engagement tools either in HCM (Lattice/Workday) or Pulse surveys (which are, by design, reactive​ unlike Yuga's proactive approach)

  • GTM will be product-led and inbound marketing


  • Yuga's Career Planner allows the individual to plan their long-term career using the Career Planner, track progress with a Work Journal and get mentored on plans by a mentor of choice

  • Yuga allows the manager to learn the employee aspirations and ensure alignment proactively and stay on top it

  • basically democratizing the good manager's playbook for all

  • see demo


  • MVP is ready, market research is done

  • product roadmap is ready; ready for liftoff

  • Incorporated in Delaware, US​


  • Runway for 12-18 months for hiring, customer development, product development/iteration, identifying the right PLG/marketing recipe for PMF

If you're interested in B2B SaaS opportunities in the Future of Work domain, or interested in cool new SaaS startups from India, ones with a huge market, talk to us!

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