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Yuga: Employee Retention SaaS. Designed in 2021 For the New Normal

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

I’m Kiran, Founder of Yuga. This is me.

Yuga’s mission is to empower people to manage careers well — to stay in control, be proactive and intentional about it — and get companies to enable so. The Future of Work is one where individuals have more leverage than companies, as we’re already witnessing with the Great Resignation. That means two things:

  • pre-pandemic tools and methodologies of employee engagement, especially ones that not organic to the culture, won’t cut it anymore

  • management style cannot not be empathetic and biased only to company goals — a proactive, aware approach is inevitable, especially with remote

With that in mind, onto what Yuga is.


Yuga’s core is a Career Planner that lets individuals

  • plan their long and short-term goals

  • engage a mentor of choice

  • maintain a private work (brag) journal to keep track of wins throughout the year

  • keep/take Yuga beyond their current job — Yuga uses LinkedIn for login, not enterprise login

Yuga allows managers

  • to work with employees right on their Career Planner to learn aspirations, coach and empower them — for proactive retention

  • to acknowledge employee choice of employer, since Yuga spans beyond the current job

This kind of a first-principles approach begets trust like no other. The Good Managers already do all this using ad-hoc note-taking tools — with Yuga, that playbook becomes systematic and democratic for all managers.

Check out to learn more or to try it with your team or talk to us or email me.

Note: Yuga is not another employee engagement bot or pulse survey tool.

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